Our Instructors

Simon Studies teachers are licensed in Maryland, Washington, or Virginia.  Many also have certifications and/or licenses in specific content areas.


Simon Studies provides one-on-one and group tutoring sessions in Math, Reading, and Writing. We also offer homework help and summer programming. For more information, please review our Tutoring page.

Test Prep

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • GED
  • HESI

 Please see our Test Prep page.

To schedule a free diagnsotic session to determine the appropriate package,contact us, email info@simonstudies.com or call 


Tutoring Packages


1 hour per week - 4 hours per month

2 hours per week - 8 hours per month

3 hours per week - 12 hours per month

4 hours per week - 16 hours per month

5 hours per week - 20 hours per month

6 hours per week - 24 hours per month

7 hours per week - 28 hours per month

8 hours per week - 32 hours per month

All tutoring packages include diagnostic testing to determine the approiate course of action for services.  We offer packages from 4 hours to 32 hours per month.  Our serivces are geared to help students who are behind and students who want to get ahead.   In addition to our tutoring services, we also offer homework help to our clients.

Academic Tutoring